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ARCP Decision Aid - Potential Conversion to a FOM ePortfolio 'Dashboard'?




  • Official comment
    Sarah Bettison

    This would be an excellent feature!

    We need to iron out a few details, but plan to roll this out in a future release.

    Thanks for the suggestion and keep them coming!

  • Daniel Burrow

    This suggestion was made 10 months ago, but we still haven't seen it implemented - is there any progress?

    Having just had my ARCP today electronically with me taking the ARCP panel through the eP, they specifically asked for this functionality and it would have made life a whole lot simpler!


  • Sarah Bettison

    Work is still ongoing with the Faculty of Occupational Medicine to get the ARCP functionality implemented. There are a number elements involved in taking the ARCP online and we want to make sure we get it right before implementation.

    I’ve spoken with colleagues at the Faculty of Occupational Medicine and they are more than happy for you to contact them if you would like a more detailed discussion Tel: 020 7242 8698.

  • Sarah Bettison

    Hi Jill,

    Thank you once again for your suggestion. A quick update.

    We have recently implemented the full ARCP process online in FOM PortfolioBuilder including electronic scheduling, a dynamic ARCP Outcome Form, electronic sign-offs & tracking functions for schools & deaneries.

    This required a fairly tricky update to the database to accommodate the organisational structure in occupational medicine, but the update has gone really well and both NES & NSOH have started using some of these ARCP features successfully.

    With this in place, we can now identify how best to add the ARCP decision aid functionality in order to make the process even easier. For now though, the information necessary can be found using the search, filter and tagging features on the system. We’ll post some #PBtips on how to use these features on our Twitter feed @fomportfolio

  • Sarah Bettison

    Hi Jill,

    We have now implemented the first iteration of an 'ARCP Dashboard' feature. It currently looks like this:

    Once an ARCP has been scheduled for a trainee, the dashboard for that ARCP period is produced and ARCP reviewers can easily see whether or not a trainee has uploaded the mandated elements required during a training level.

    In the above example, we can see that the ARCP period for this trainee covers their ST3 training level starting on 01 August 2019 and ending on 31 July 2020. We can also see that the trainee has met the minimum requirements for all mandated elements apart from workplace assessments. When the minimum number required has not been met, the numbers display in orange.

    The 'pills' to the right of the dashboard link to each activity. Reviewers can click on these to verify that the evidence provided by the trainee is suitable if they wish.

    There's still more to come, but I thought you might like an update as to how we're getting along!

    Best wishes



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