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Ability to title assessments before submitting




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    Sarah Bettison

    Many thanks for your suggestion and we think this is a great idea!

    At present when a trainee views their 'Assessments' page it's not easy to tell assessments which have not been submitted apart.

    As a result, we're going to show more information about these assessments on the 'Assessments' page which we think will resolve the issue. Taking CBDs as an example, we're going to make it so that trainees will be able to see part or all of the' Patient problem/Diagnosis' field when viewing them in this list.

    Thanks again for bringing this to our attention and happy PortfolioBuilding!


  • Sarah Bettison

    Dear Grant,

    Many thanks once again for your suggestion.

    On Sept 29th 2017 we did a user interface refactor which improved many of the different 'cards' in the system (assessments being one of them). When a trainee enters text in the 'Patient problem/Diagnosis' field on a new assessment, part or all of this field is visible when viewing assessments in a list on the 'Assessments' page (see image).


    Provided the text the trainee enters in this field is unique, it should be easy for trainees to tell assessments which have not been submitted apart.

    As I believe this meets with your suggestion, I'll now mark it 'completed'.




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